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Ever since its establishment, KMK assists its customers in pursuing their business aspirations by providing top-quality professional translations.

The translation services offered by KMK are supported by the latest technological developments (software), in line with the sector-specific Code of Good Practice and quality assurance procedures subject to continuous development.

From the very start, the company has had a clear code of conduct developed to meet our objectives:

  • Integrity – towards clients and partners.
  • Reliable customer service – so that our clients could count on us.
  • Continuous development – setting the bar ever so high.
  • Innovation – seeking and implementing new technological and organisational advancements, to keep up with our clients.
  • Specialisation – building a professional expert team.

And… it worked!

KMK has a strong reputation in Poland’s continuously growing technical translation market. We are also a major player in the field of medical translations and have numerous regular clients, whose loyalty proclaims their satisfaction with our services.

A partnership with our Company guarantees:

  • high quality of target texts
  • availability
  • timeliness
  • confidentiality

Our current objective is to further strengthen our presence in Poland’s technical translation market within the scope of widely understood technology, starting with IT and construction, through all kinds of machines and devices, ending with specialised medical equipment and whole technological lines.

We are certain that our principles, combined with the entire team’s hard work and a good cooperation with our clients will lead us to success.

The world steps aside for those who know where they’re headed…

Elżbieta Pląskowska
President of the KMK Translation Company

dr Elżbieta Pląskowska

  • President of the KMK Translation Company
  • Vice President of the Polish Association of Translation Companies (PSBT)
  • Technical translator at the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (NOT)
  • Member of the Association of Polish Translators and Interpreters (STP)

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