ISO 17100:2015

PN-EN 15038 Standard

For many years, KMK has complied with ISO 9001:2001 standard, which procedures are in a wide range identical with those of the PN-EN 15038 standard. After implementation of the PN-EN 15038 standard, all of our procedures have been adjusted to this standard, and our company underwent successfully the certification on 9 November 2010.

PN-EN 15038 standard is a Polish version of the European Standard – EN 15038:2006, which was approved on April 13, 2006 by the European Committee for Standardization. This standard applies solely to the translation industry. PN-EN 15038 – the Polish version of the European standard was developed by the Polish Committee for Standardization, in cooperation with The Polish Association of Translation Agencies in 2007.

PN-EN 15038 – defines the requirements for the translation service providers, regarding:

– human resources
– technical resources
– quality management system
– order fulfillment management
– customer relations
– obligatory for providing translation services
– monitoring and control of translation process

The main goal of the PN-EN 15038 standard is to establish and define the requirements regarding the rendering of the high quality services by the translation service providers.

PN-EN 15038 standard cannot be applied to interpretation services.

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