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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order a translation?
To order a translation fill in the form, or contact our company via E-mail:

How can I submit a large document for translation to KMK?
If a text for translation is of large size, please contact us via E-mail or by phone, and we will provide you with access to ftp space.

How long do I have to wait for an offer?
Usually, preparing an offer takes about 60 minutes. However, if an order includes many files, or those files are not editable, offer preparation may take more time. The Customer Service will contact you and make every effort to send you an offer as soon as possible.

What factors does the translation price depend on?
The translation price depends on a number of characters (all characters + spaces) included in a particular document. We do not consider the numerals contained in tables or the text which is not to be translated.
The price depends also on the fact whether the typesetting (inserting all drawings) is performed, i.e. whether the final document is to be identical with the one received from the Customer.
We do not additionally charge for specialist texts or for ordinary text formatting.
If a text is to be translated in a very short period of time, it may be necessary to select more expensive, urgent or express mode of translation, respectively.

I have a highly specialized text. Who will translate it?
Our company primarily deals with translation of difficult and specialist texts, therefore we hire only excellent translators with a wide experience in specialist text translation, or professionals with a great command of foreign languages, who perform translations of texts from their fields of activity.
All texts are translated by experts, and then proofread in our company by linguist-translators, in compliance with the PN-EN 15038 standard.

How long do I have to wait for a finished translation?
We deliver documents (translation, text formatting etc) in the following time-limits: 5 pages per day (1500 characters with spaces) in the normal mode; 6-8 pages per day in the urgent mode, and over 8 pages per day in the express mode.

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