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KMK Translation Company

Welcome to KMK Translation Company based in Warsaw. Established in 1997, KMK provides translation services in a wide variety of fields for numerous Polish and international companies. Ever since its establishment, KMK has delivered to its customers tens of thousands of translated documents!

KMK generally operates online. All source documents and translated texts can be sent on-line.
KMK employs a team of experienced project managers and professional translators that is focused on providing qualified customer service. Each and every translation job is handled individually. Our translators are professionals with extensive expertise (mostly engineers) and experienced linguists. Each translation is subject to verification by proofreaders.
For the most part, we deal with highly professional texts from across a wide spectrum: automation, construction, machinery and engineering, technology, IT, and other technical sectors. We are capable of providing highly professional translations of the most complicated documentation.
The quality of translation services is at the forefront of our attention. Since 2004, KMK operates according to ISO 9001:2001 standard. In addition, KMK follows PN-EN 15038 standard for translation services as well as the Code of Good Practice of the Polish Association of Translation Agencies (PSBT).