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Dear Customers,

in establishing KMK Translation Company in 1997, I was determined to provide professional services to a narrow spectrum of highly specialized companies. I was resolved to accomplish this undertaking with a strong conviction that professional translations accompanying the introduction of new technologies and equipment to the Polish market would be always in high demand.

In 1998, I decided to expand our offer with translation services targeted at health care and pharmaceutical sector.

All of our achievements so far are to a large extent credit to the code of professional conduct based on the following key principles:

  • in relations with customers and associates,
Professional Customer Service
  • KMK can be always relied on,
Continuous development
  • continuous commitment and professional standards development,
  • exploring and implementing new technological and organizational solutions to be compatible with our customers,
  • professional team of employees and collaborators

We did it!

Today, KMK is one of the leading experts in technical translations. In addition, it enjoys a well established position in the sector of translations for medicine, dentistry, medical technology, and pharmacy.

KMK consists of a professional team of employees and collaborators, working with the aid of advanced equipment and technologies. I am especially proud of having earned the respect, trust and satisfaction of the ever growing number of regular customers.

KMK is certified to comply with ISO 9001:2001 standard, and we are currently planning to implement PN-EN 15038 standard for providers of translation services.

New developments in translation services are introduced virtually on a daily basis, and our services have undergone some major changes. Today, our translation services are supported by typesetting solutions and Computer Aided Translation tools (CAT). KMK currently offers not only translation, but also localization services.

My new goal is to consolidate and expand KMK’s market share in the sector of technical translation services and to attract new customers among companies dealing with technology and engineering, computer sciences, construction industry as well as producers of all types of machines and devices, medical equipment and processing lines.

KMK owes its success to the effort and involvement of its employees, strict compliance with the code of professional practice, as well as close cooperation with customers.

The world makes way for those who know where to aim…

Elżbieta Pląskowska


  Elżbieta Pląskowska, PhD

  • President of KMK Translation Company
  • Vice-President and Member of the Executive Board of The Polish Association of Translation Agencies (PSBT)
  • Certified technical translator of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (NOT)
  • Member of the Association of Polish Translators and Interpreters (STP)


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