ISO 17100:2015

Specialist sworn (certified) translation

Sworn translations include:

    • preparation and certification of translations from and into Polish, as well as proofreading and certification of translations prepared by external experts;
  • preparation of certified copies of foreign language documents, proofreading and certification of copies of foreign language documents prepared by external experts;

On top of written sworn translations, including:

  • business documents (business registry, TIN, entry into records or court register, invoices, contracts, financial reports),
  • tax documentation (social insurance, tax forms)
  • court documentation (minutes, statements of claim, declarations),
  • administrative documents (birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, last wills),
  • car registration documentation (registration certificates, purchase agreements, purchase certificates),
  • identity cards, passports,
  • authorisations, mandates,
  • school certificates, diplomas, qualifications certificates,
  • legal acts, EU documents,

KMK Translation Company specialises in sworn translation of professional texts:

  • declarations of conformity,
  • quality certificates,
  • technical approvals,
  • patent documents,
  • technological documents,
  • tender documents,
  • data sheets,
  • medical documents

When a professional text requires sworn translation, a sworn translator cooperates with a translator specialising in the field of the text. More often than not it is the specialist in the field who does the actual translation, in which case the sworn translator’s role is limited to certification.

Every certified document features the translator’s seal, with his or her full name on the outside and the language in which he or she is competent in the inside. Also included is his or her sworn translator registration number.

The sworn translator provides the number under which the translation or the certified copy are listed in the register. It is also noted whether the translation or certified copy was based on the original text, its translation or a copy, whether it was certified and by whom.

Our offer includes English, German, French, Russian, and other European languages (Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Latvian and more). We also perform sworn translations into those languages.

Act of the 25th of November 2004 on the Profession of Sworn Translator

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