ISO 17100:2015

Electronics, power engineering, electrical

Many companies operating in the field of electronics, energy and electrical installations are in need of a reliable partner. KMK has many years of experience in preparing specialist translations for these fields and linguists who are appropriately qualified for the job.

Our expertise in the area of electronics, energy and electrical installations includes, i.a.:

  • operating instructions for power tools,
  • electrical engineering – power generators, milling machines,
  • power engineering – texts concerned with operation and diagnostics of transformers and wind power plants,
  • telecommunications – operating instructions for telephones, wireless telephone systems, satellite systems (satellite internet), documents of network infrastructure,
  • lighting systems – power supply installations,
  • control and measurement equipment – electronic devices used in industrial installations to measure flow, temperature, pressure, short circuit signalling units,
  • electronic scales,
  • control and measurement equipment: devices for thermal imaging, controllers, digital measuring devices,
  • electric/electronic schemes,
  • LED displays,
  • etc.

KMK offers professionalism, experience and industry insight necessary to produce translations in the field of electronics, energy and electrical installations.

We take great care to select just the right translator, with just the right expertise, so that the final product will meet your expectations.

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