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Medical translations

We specialise in medical translations from and into English, German, Russian and French, starting from the year 1997. Our translators (doctors, pharmacists, biochemists, etc.) and proofreaders (philology graduates) possess the highest qualifications proved by diplomas and certificates.

We place particular emphasis on the quality and aesthetics of texts that leave our company. If your documents contain illustrations or graphics, we offer typesetting as an additional service (in doc/pdf, even InDesign – a professional DTP software).

Every text translated under our name is subjected to verification by another translator in accordance with quality assurance procedures defined in the ISO 17100 standard.


Sworn translations

KMK is credited with thousands of pages of medical translations, including test results, hospital discharge abstracts, hospital discharge forms, descriptions of medical products, drug registration documents, as well as presentations of pharmaceutical companies and scientific papers on medicine and pharmacy.

Medical translations are particularly challenging, as they require extensive knowledge (from paediatrics to geriatrics, from surgery to microbiology) and involve great responsibility in case of an error. In order to produce such a translation, a sworn translator needs to join forces with a medical professional (a doctor specialising in a given field or a pharmacist).


  •  drug registration documents (Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs), Patient Information Leaflets (PILs), medical certificates, product labels),
  • clinical trial files (information for patients and informed consent forms, patient diaries, applications to the Central Register of Clinical Trials, trial protocols),
  • pharmacokinetics,
  • pharmaceutical chemistry,
  • pharmacogenetic tests.

When a new drug is developed and introduced to a new market, its documentation needs to be adjusted in a way that fulfills relevant local requirements – which means a lot of content needs to be translated.

Since source documents in the pharmaceutical industry are very complex, translators needs to be exceptionally meticulous. KMK follows the guidelines of the European translation standard ISO 17100, which we have implemented in 2010 – a fact greatly appreciated by our clients. The standard dictates that all translations are to be made by appropriately qualified individuals and verified by a different translator.


We translate a lot, most commonly: examination reports, medical records, vaccination certificates, prescriptions, hospital discharge summaries, diagnosis documentation, consultations, medical certificates, scientific papers, blood test results, hospital treatment records, outpatient procedures, patient files, referrals, reports.

 We also translate a lot of scientific and academic literature.

Since medicine is a broad term, we have created separate tabs to present our offer for specific fields of medicine.


The term diagnostics encompasses clinical trials, laboratory tests, and all activities aimed at facilitating correct diagnosis. This department concerns many tests and equipment needed to carry them out.

As with all fields of medicine, diagnostics observe a rapid development of new technologies. More and more tests are carried out automatically, such as non-invasive blood pressure measurement (NIBP).

Bedside monitors are commonly used to display the patients’ data and results of tests they undergo (blood pressure, SPO2 saturation). Translation of instruction manuals for such devices is a challenge for translation companies.

In our company, we’ve been dealing with the most advanced texts for years:

  • Descriptions and instructions for diagnostic tests (ex. pregnancy tests, serological tests, microbiological tests).
  • Instruction manuals for CT scanners.
  • Instruction manuals for bedside monitors. 

Scientific papers

Scientific papers published in renowned foreign magazines need to sound professionally. We are prepared to translate and proofread scientific papers from a variety of fields:

  • pharmacy, surgery, neurology, oncology, cardiology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, haematology, epidemiology, toxicology, veterinary medicine, homeopathy, radiesthesia.

We also translate scientific papers into Polish.

Industrial chemistry

As new technologies appeared, manufacturers began to worry about the impact they could have on the environment. Consequently, translation companies are entrusted with specialist labels and safety data sheets, containing not just the chemical composition of a given product, but also information on its influence on humans and nature.

  • Safety Data Sheets – SDS (formerly MSDS) (special price!)
  • product labels,
  • household chemicals,
  • leaflets for chemical substances and formulas (paints, sprays, plastics, sanitary products),
  • other kinds of translations in accordance with REACH and CLP.

Medical equipment

KMK Translation Company excels in translations related to medical devices thanks to the cooperation between two teams: medical translators, who have the medical expertise, and technical translators. Said cooperation guarantees exceptional quality of translations related to medical equipment.

We translate:

  • Instruction manuals for medical devices and equipment (ex. infusion pumps, spirometers, medical suction machines, cardiomonitors, ECG and EEG apparatus, defibrillators, ultrasound apparatus).
  • Instruction manuals for laboratory equipment (ex. centrifuges, baths, driers, ultrasound washers, sterilization equipment, autoclaves, weights and microscopes),
  • Instruction manuals for rehabilitation equipment (treadmills, massage tables, hydromassage tubs, lifts, wheelchairs),
  • Medical supplies, wound care products, materials for disinfection and sterilisation, etc.
  • We’ve been building our translation database since 1997.

X-ray film viewers An essential piece of equipment for a surgeon or a rehabilitant. Viewing X-ray films helps to properly diagnose a patient. When choosing such equipment, several parameters need to be taken into consideration: lighting (daylight – colour temperature 6500), lack of stroboscopic effect (in case of fluorescent lamps), light uniformity throughout the entire screen, fluidity of light intensity regulation and robustness of the case. Another important factor is resistance to cleaning agents and sanitation agents.

Contemporary X-ray film viewers allow for viewing of multiple X-ray films. There are X-ray film viewers dedicated to specific users and spaces, such as mammographic X ray viewer, dental X ray viewer, or an X ray viewer with blinds (allowing for elimination of side lights).

An X ray film viewer may be build into an OR or an office. In case of digital X-rays, the role of the X-ray film viewer is fulfilled by a computer monitor or a handheld device. The monitor screen is reminiscent of a traditional X-ray film viewer.

Germicidal lamps Quick and efficient removal of germs is very important for medical practitioners. When it comes to disinfection, one of the most effective methods is a germicidal lamp with appropriate radiation (UV-C). Radiation with the wave length of 253.7 mm destroys bacteria, viruses, mildew and fungi. Such lamps can be used in hospitals (ORs, doctors’ offices, treatment rooms, etc.), clinics, laboratories and pharmacies. They are also commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

When choosing a lamp, several technical parameters need to be taken into consideration: height the room, surface, dimensions, temperature, humidity and the degree of air pollution (pollination, dust). Expected germ resistance is also important. Depending on the needs and parameters, lamps need to be active for a specific time (between 2 and 8 hours); they are equipped with counters and often operated via microprocessors. Lamps can be fitted onto ceilings, walls, stands, etc.

Lamps have to be operated with caution, since radiation is harmful to skin and eyes. 


High quality

Diligence and competence is essential when it comes translating specialist texts.

KMK Translation Company has a system in place to ensure the highest quality of translations services.

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